Lucrative Opportunities for Real Estate Investors in Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria's real estate sector in Nigeria is now very popular and has even become an investment trend of sort. But while there is no shortage of opportunities to make enormous profit, the project finance nigeria process isn't always simple.


The business of rental properties is about as the owning land itself. You buy a property and then rent it out. You will become a landlord, who is responsible for the maintenance of the said property. To cover the costs of doing so, you would charge your tenant a monthly amount that is enough to give you a decent profit at the same time. By owning a rental property, you automatically have a fixed rental income ever month or every year. Properties and Houses For Africa generally appreciate in value as time goes by, meaning your asset as a landlord will increase its value.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Not a lot of Nigerians have some knowledge of Real Estate Investment Trusts . REITs are a type of SEC-regulated collective investment scheme that gathers capital from investors and uses the funds to acquire income generating real estate properties, mortgage loans or both. The portfolio of underlying assets is handled by a team of professionals whose job is to maximize the profits of investors, who will be able to hold an indirect interest in real estate following by way of a flow-through set-up, and it will be as though the property were a direct investment. Like any other stock, REITs are bought and sold on major exchanges.

Land Flipping

Land flipping involves purchasing land to be resold quickly to make a profit. This is actually one of the smartest types of real estate investment, which turns in a nice profit without requiring a lot of effort the investor. You don't need anything more than your capital, coupled with a good working knowledge of land ownership and the concept of buy-and-sell. With more capital, you can "flip" more properties and increase your profits faster.

Property Development

There is probably no real estate investment type that is as capital-intensive as property development. You have to buy properties in in-demand locations, build commercial structures, apartments and the like, and sell them for huge profits. In most cases, property developers in Nigeria sell their properties at twice their capital expenditure. If you're planning to engage in property development, remember that location is crucial.

The real estate investments we have mentioned are only a few of the opportunities you will find in Nigeria. There can be countless variations under any of these. The best news is, there's huge potential in Nigerian real estate investments, but you need to be wise with your choices, practice due diligence, and weigh costs against benefits and benefits before jumping in with your capital.
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